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I have been working with animals for going on 4 years,starting out working in a doggie daycare and boarding facility. Now here at PVVH I began working in the kennel and training as a doctor’s assistant, working with a really friendly and knowledgeable staff.  I enjoy coordinating donation drives for people and animals alike and informing people how they can help make a difference in the lives of other animals, as well as their own. I also enjoy pet sitting and reading stories and articles on how to become more animal friendly. I currently have a large freshwater aquarium and three cats of my own, Marvin, who is 9, Orville,who is 1 & 1/2 and Beatrice, who is 13. I hope to one day use the knowledge have gained throughout my years of working with animals in different settings to open an animal rescue where animals can receive the love & care they need and be adopted into loving, educated homes. I look forward to being part of the care team for you and your pets and helping you to care for them the best way you can!