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I have been working for PVVH since the summer of 2012. I started out in kennel, then moved my way up to receptionist and am now being trained as a doctor’s assistant, which I absolutely love! I have been around animals my entire life and love them all! I currently have 3 cats that have my heart, Rudy, Rico and Murph. I acquired Rudy and Rico from their previous owners who were looking to rehome them. They hit it off since day one. They are best friends. Then I acquired Murph as he wandered into my apartment one day. He was a stray I saw occasionally outside but was never able to catch him. I assume he saw my other kitties in the window and wanted to join. They all have their own unique personalities which is what I love most about animals. I look forward to continuing my education learning about animals’ health and behaviors. I love to spend my free time with my kitties, relaxing with my friends and going to the beach.