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Microchipping & Health Certificates


Microchipping is used to identify your pet if it ever gets lost. The microchip is so tiny that it fits through a hypodermic needle. Just like a vaccination, it’s injected under the skin of your pet where it remains safely for life. The procedure can be done any time (we recommend at the time of spay or neuter) and helps aid in the return of your lost pet.

If your pet is found and brought to a vet or animal shelter your pet is checked with a special scanner. If your pet is protected by having a microchip in place, the shelter or veterinary hospital can look up the number and you or your veterinarian is called (depends on how you register). For more information on microchipping please call the office.

Health Certificates

Health certificates are necessary for anyone traveling out of Massachusetts (by car or plane). Health certificates are required by all states. To check the requirements for individual states go to and click on travel & recreation tab. From there you can click on pets in the related topics box and scroll down till you see importing and exporting pets and click on U.S. state & territory animal regulations.

If you are traveling out of the country you should check with your airline or travel agent for the appropriate forms and requirements. Don’t wait until the last minute because some countries require blood tests that take time for the results to come back.