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Day camp provides regular exercise, relieves boredom, helps with separation anxiety, and destructive behaviors at home. It also improves socialization skills with dogs and people. Your dog’s quality of life will be enhanced by their day camp experience. We offer programs for full day campers and 1/2 day campers.

For the safety of all our campers, owners will be required to complete a behavior questionnaire. All dogs’ social skills will be evaluated prior to participating in a play group.New campers will be integrated slowly into the supervised play group that best suits them at a pace each dog is comfortable with.

Payment for day campers is required at drop off. For your convenience, we offer discounted prepayment packages. Additional Day Camp Services · Bath, Ear Cleaning &Nail Trim· Internal Parasite Screen· Flea & Tick prevention (Frontline/Nexgard)· Feeding (provide food) · Medication Administration.

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Camper Fees

Day Camp Questionnaire

Day Camp Registration

Day Camp Info Sheet